Came up with this prototype idea on the 24th. Lenses could rotate around the crown and position themselves in front of the eye slot. Also, if crown design would be utilized, nose plug and ear covers may be difficult to achieve in removing those senses from the visual perception experience


Upon reflection, I decided to revise my idea for the “perception” piece from the original design due to the object being viewed having to be limited to the interior size of the sphere or lenses and glass. Here are the notes I ended up taking on my iPhone later on the 17th following my initial idea for the “perception” piece:

“Creative project idea – perspective/perception piece

What if you took me years and lenses may find glasses colored glass different kind of surfaces to make a giant viewfinder toy that you could use to see the world.

You might be able to figure out how to make a sepia toned appearance or Kaleidoscope as well. Maybe black surface as one option to represent blindness. Maybe make views from different heights as well like big height, kid height, regular, tall, and ladder height….or just have that as an additional piece”

I was in class on the 17th, and, toward the very end of class, had the idea to create an art piece regarding the idea of “perception”. Here are my notes from class:


This idea began Ina representation of suspending an object inside a sort of ball made up of all sorts of lenses, colored glass, etc. the object being viewed would be suspended with wire and inside rings allowing it to rotate 360 degrees on the x and y axis while also being able to stop rotation with some sort of pin in order to view the object through whatever lens or glass from just about any angle.